will you take me to tara? (miss___scarlett) wrote in i_heart_tjmaxx,
will you take me to tara?

Hollister Jeans -- Ripped with Silver Paint on them.. Reg. $42, Bought for $24.99!! I love them.. they are *so* hot!

LoopNYC Transversion Profile Couture.. Reg. $22, bought for $9.99. It's so cute <3
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I need to go to TJX like every other week. I'm going to be posting in here too much. HA!

Oh honey I go like once a week.. it's awful, i can't help it! I feel like if I don't check often, i'll miss something good!
Haha, same way I feel! & when I go, I put EVERYTHING in my basket so nobody else will take it. Hahah!
I know!! I always just grab stuff that I see that I may like so I can make a decision without someone grabbing it first!
You must have long legs! Those jeans go on forever.

Said the 5' girl.
Haha :P I'm 5'8" and they are still like 3 inches too long for me.. but that's ok because they're perfect for my high heels!