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i_heart_tjmaxx's Journal

Where all your bargain dreams can come true!
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TJMaxx -- You never know what you may find!

i_heart_tjmaxx is for all my fellow bargain hunters who pillage the racks for a great steal! Whether it's just something you want to show off, or if you need help finding something (like a wanted ad) this is for anything and everything TJMaxx related!!

1. Absolutely NO DRAMA!
2. Post pictures behind an lj-cut
3. If you're selling something, please give as much information as possible. Also, an actual picture will help but isn't necessary (I know not everyone has a digital camera)
4. Don't just lurk, post! Even if it's just a comment or a question!
5. When posting a wanted ad, please include a picture (ebay would be a great starting place for one!). Be sure to post it in the community and I will also make a listing in the userinfo (see below). Also, if you're helping someone out with their ad and looking at your tjmaxx, please don't jack up the price to make a profit. The buyer should be willing to pay the price you paid plus shipping. This isn't for people to make a profit!!

Wanted Ads; (These are posts made by members who are looking for something in particular but can't find it at their local tjmaxx's. It is not required that you help out other members, but it would be nice!)
miss___scarlett is looking for a Lesportsac Swiss Hearts Lily or Demi Tasse. If you are willing to help her out, please email her (southern_belle018@yahoo.com) or leave a comment on her journal. Thanks!

Maintained by; miss___scarlett & kitina